stronger every day

Getting stronger every day doesn't have to mean lifting heavy weight,  building muscle or doing more and more push ups. It means becoming a stronger person, making stronger choices, taking stronger action and being stronger in the ability to control and manage your own life. This is a strength that transcends exercise and fitness.

The strength to succeed in your fitness goal isn't found in specific diets, miracle supplements or the latest celebrity workout DVD. There are countless methods to reach your goal, but the only one that works is the one you enjoy enough to stick to.

Empower yourself with the responsibility to create your own plan that works for you. 

Getting stronger means finding a training style you love; creating meal plans that suit your lifestyle; cooking your own food, inventing your own recipes; turning new habits into old habits and evolving your short term goal into a life long progression.

A great coach doesn't take you to the goal, but gives you the tools to reach it yourself.

about dan

> Certified Sports Nutritionist, ISSN dip, CISSN.
> SIX3NINE Personal Trainer, Covent Garden, London
> Precision Nutrition Certified Coach
> Published writer for national newspapers and fitness magazines
> Women's Fitness Expert Panelist, July 2016
> Corporate speaker on nutrition, activity and wellness