Sample Meal Plan: High Protein, 1800kcal.

Breakfast: 357kcal, 25g protein
225g Skyr Greek Yogurt  (Half Pot)
20g Walnuts 
100g Blueberries 

Snack: 200kcal 20g protein
4x Babybel Lights 

Lunch: 639kcal 37g protein
Leon Chicken Aioli Hot Box 

Snack: 283kcal, 26g protein
Alra Protein Shake
100g  Strawberries 

Dinner: 321kcal, 32g protein
Salmon and Spinach with Tartare Cream 

Totals: 1800kcal, 140g protein

Meal Plans:

Individual calorie and macronutrient requirements will vary from person to person depending on factors such as height, weight, age, gender, activity levels and goals. 

The above is a sample meal plan for someone for whom an intake of 1800kcal and 140g protein is appropriate. You may add or remove from this plan where necessary for your goal. Rough calorie and macro nutrient targets can be worked out here