What is ‘Good’ Nutrition

> Providing the body with enough energy to fuel daily activity and maintain a healthy bodyweight.

> Providing the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to function optimally, and prevent symptoms of deficiency.

> Providing adequate protein to support cell repair and growth, matched to demands of exercise or training.

> Providing adequate fat to regulate hormone function and vitamin uptake

> Enjoy eating your food, set time aside to eat, cook and enjoy the process of preparing food.

What is ‘Bad’ Nutrition

> Providing the body with an extreme surpluses of energy, causing storage of energy to chronically outweigh usage. This causes weight gain and obesity.

> Providing the body with extreme deficits of energy, causing weight loss, including loss of muscle tissue and depletion of body fat to unhealthy levels.

> Not providing sufficient vitamins and minerals to meet our recommended in take, leading to sickness, suboptimal performance or ill health.

> Imbalances in macro nutrient intake such as chronically low fat, low protein or low carbohydrate intakes, or excessive intakes of sugars leading to irregular hormone signalling, often leading to a problematic control of energy balance - and weight gain.

> Allowing food to play an emotional role beyond enjoyment or social interaction. Eating or not eating in accordance with sadness, happiness, guilt, comfort or boredom rather than physical hunger.