Good foods, bad foods and super-foods?

Food can be fuel, medicine or repair workers, usually a mix of all three. A kale, spinach and mushroom salad is extremely micro dense (lots of vitamins and minerals). This makes it a great ‘medicine’ for optimal health. However, it doesn’t give us much in the fuel department! 

A slice of pizza on the other hand is less of a medic, offering far less micro nutrients. However, it certainly provides a lot of fuel. Meanwhile cottage cheese, chicken or whey protein would top the list in terms of repair work.

Does this make one of these foods superior to another? Or does it merely mean they are different. 

So what is a healthy balanced diet?

1: Eating enough fuel to maintain a normal body weight and to power daily activities and exercise. 

2: Not eating excesses of fuel to cause an imbalance of storage above usage. (i.e gaining body fat)

3: Providing your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs to function optimally and prevent disease and sickness.

4: Provide the body with enough proteins to repair and rebuild tissue, and enough fats to regulate hormones and vitamin uptake.

5: Drinking enough water for optimal hydration. 

The Take Home:

Some foods give you great bang for your buck. A sweet potato for example is both good for fuel and high in vitamins. Other foods offer solely one function - table sugar for example will provide fuel, but little else. 

Your diet throughout the day as whole is what counts - are you well fuelled? have you got enough protein for repair? Are you stocked up on micro nutrients? 

Does it matter if some meals were more fuel heavy, and others more vitamin dense? No, it doesn’t.

With this in mind, try to enjoy food with a wider context.

(P.S it's also okay to enjoy eating...)