Fuelling Fat Loss Guide

The Fuelling Fat Loss Guide identifies the mechanisms that bring about fat loss, and the roles in which different foods can play in helping us achieve this. With this knowledge you can take control of your own flexible approach to weight loss based in an understanding of the principals of the process rather than following arbitrary rules or restrictions. Move away from viewing foods as 'good' or 'bad' and towards understanding the roles all foods can play in a successful weight loss journey (even jelly babies!)

While this guide is designed to give you the freedom to create your own meal plans and recipes, there are also three sample plans appropriate for a 1500kcal, or 1700kcal target. All these plans come with full calorie and macronutrient break downs as well as click through links to where you can buy the ingredients!

personalised meal plans?

In addition to the Fuelling Fat Loss Guide, you may prefer your meal plans to be more personalised to your preference and goals. This may be more appropriate for the following:

- If you are unsure about your calorie and macronutrient requirements and need help finding the best target for your goal.

- If you have particular dietary preferences such as vegan or vegetarian diets.

- If you would like a more personalised meal plan based around your preferences (i.e 'I hate cheese and I eat at ITSU every lunch time!)

The personalised service offers an online consultation in which we workout the appropriate calorie and macronutrient targets for your goal, and create a sample meal plans based around your preferences where possible!

fuelling fat loss guide + personalised meal plans

- Online Consultation
- Fuelling Fat Loss Guide
- Your macronutrient and calorie target
- Three personalised sample meal plans, tailored to your dietary preferences discussed in the consultation

Price with Email Consultation: £68.00
Price with Skype Consultation: £78.00