Online Nutrition Consultations

What’s Different About Elite Coaching?

Working in Central London for the past five years I’ve delivered over five thousand hours of coaching and worked with hundreds of clients. This experience has taught me a lot about what works in nutritional intervention and a hell of a lot about what doesn’t.

What doesn’t work?

X - One size fits all approach

X - Complete dietary overhaul

X - Expectations of meal prepping and clean eating

X - Unsustainably restrictive diets

X - Banning of alcohol, restaurant food and social interaction(!)

What does work?

/ - Understand the client’s individual situation

/ - Working with the current diet structure and preferences

/ - Identifying the biggest windows of opportunity for change

/ - Making the interventions where they really count rather than trying to change everything unnecessarily

/ - Accommodating the reality of real life, client lunches, social events, weekends - Deliveroo!

/ - Educating the client on the mechanisms of weight loss and how they can be adapted to suit their lifestyle and preferences.

What’s Included: Nutrition Consultation (£125.00)

/ - One hour Skype consultation where we talk all about YOU.

/ - In our chat I will identify the biggest windows of opportunity and talk through the changes required.

/ - This is a discussion not a lecture, there can be many paths to the goal. We talk through the options and find the best one together.

/ - Following the chat I go away and put together your notes. Notes are entirely bespoke to each client depending on what is needed, their preferences and what has been discussed.

/ - There is no one size fits all approach here. Of course calorie and macronutrient considerations will always be calculated on my part, but the extent to which I need my clients to be involved with calories/tracking is entirely dependent on them.

/ - Some plans may include more home cooking, some might be more reliant on finding sensible food options you can grab on the go at work - they are bespoke to you and your lifestyle!

/ - The one thing all my plans have in common is the level of care I take to ensure you have EVERYTHING you need to succeed. No grey areas.

What’s Included: On-going Support Package (£75 p/week)

/ - I also offer a continued support package for a select number of clients.

/ - With this package you can send me through unlimited feedback on how you’re getting on each week - what you like, what you don’t and what you need help with!

/ - We’ll catch up at the end of each week over Skype to chat through it all and make any changes or adjustments we need - or just to chat through another successful week!

/ - You can have the best plan in the world but it will only work if you stick with it. Having some accountability can be great!

Drop me a message to arrange your consultation or ask any questions!

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